The Date
- 09.03.16 -


Once upon a time Alex's roommate, Haiig, showed him a picture of Natalie on Facebook. Alex was hooked but too shy to meet Natalie in person! Haiig tried to convince Alex to go on a date with Natalie but he kept postponing due to his never ending goal of having a six pack before hand. Once Haiig realized that Alex was never going to attain such superior results he sent a text to Natalie's friend, Nora, to start the match making. Nora and Haiig set up a group outing during happy hour where they sprinkled some love dust in the air. They all met up together at an Italian restaurant in Washington, DC to sip wine and play Bocce. To Haiig and Nora's credit, Natalie and Alex immediately hit it off. When the night ended, Natalie and Nora said their goodbyes to the rest of the group and hopped in a cab when Nora turned to Natalie and said "you're going to marry Alex!"

I'm Alex. I was born and raised in the Bay Area (go Warriors and Sharks!) and later moved to Washington, DC for work in 2012 where I met lots of amazing people including Natalie! I like to spend my time tinkering with technology, playing soccer, and thinking of excuses not to go to the gym. I moved back to California in late 2015 to continue where I left off.

I'm Natalie. I'm an East Coast girl and a proud Maryland alumn (go Terps!). I like to spend my time running, spending time with my four legged pal Abby, and experimenting with various recipes containing Old Bay seasoning like a good Marylander should! I left my hometown for the Golden State in 2015 and I'm looking forward to the next chapter of my life.



The wedding is taking place over labor day weekend so plan early! All the details you need are below:


The wedding will take place in Southern California (Los Angeles area). Don't forget your sunglasses!


Feeling generous?! Take a peek at a few things we'd love to have around the house.


We tried to find a hotel that is flexible enough for you to enjoy and explore during your stay in Southern California.


Please RSVP before July 1, 2016. We hope to see you there!